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WIGA Awards 47 Scholarships to Native American Students

May 29, 2015

The Washington Indian Gaming Association (WIGA) is pleased to announce that $75,000 will be awarded to 47 Native American students for scholarships in the 2015-16 school year. Scholarship recipients are students who come from or attend school in Washington State.  

"We are pleased to contribute to young tribal members' education,” said WIGA chairman, W. Ron Allen.  "We had so many qualified applicants to choose from this year. While it made our selection process difficult, it also reflects the growing qualification among tribal members to attend institutions of higher education.”  

WIGA educates the Indian gaming community, the public and all levels of government about gaming issues in Indian country. The WIGA Scholarship Program is designed to promote tribal self-sufficiency by providing scholarships for Native American students in Washington seeking to advance their own self-sufficiency and broaden their personal and professional potential through higher education.  

Enrolled members of the WIGA tribes, and state residents enrolled in other tribes, are eligible. The scholarships are awarded to students pursuing degrees at community and technical colleges, four-year colleges, and post-graduate and professional schools.

WIGA scholarships awarded 12 community college students, 26 undergraduate students and nine graduate students.

Community College and Technical School Scholarship Winners

Rhea Cree, Yakama Indian Nation, Northwest Indian College

Jared Douglas, Swinomish Tribe, Everett Community College

Doug Greene, Makah Tribe, Peninsula Community College

Haily Greene, Makah Tribe, Bellevue Community College

Blair Hill, Makah Tribe, Peninsula Community College

Krista Johnson, Makah Tribe, South Puget Sound Community College

Elizabeth Lawrence, Makah Tribe, Whatcom Community College

Daneka McFetridge, Samish Indian Nation, Okanagan College

Ida Moss-Hyipeer, Yakama Indian Nation, Yakama Valley Community College

John Pugh, Sauk-Suiattle Tribe, Everett Community College

Bradlee Ward, Makah Tribe, Peninsula Community College

Charles Woodruff, Quileute Tribe, Centralia College

University Scholarship Winners

Nocona Abrams, Yakama Nation, University of Washington

Stormy Aikman, Port Gamble S'Klallam, Northwest Indian College

Olivia Barrell, Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe, Digi Pen Institute of Technology

Shannon Bowden, Yakama Nation, Columbia Southern University

Evan Bowechop, Makah Tribe, Stanford University

Johnny Buck, Yakama Nation, Northwest Indian College

Rachel Castaneda, Makah Tribe, Washington State University

Lolita Ceja, Yakama Nation, Haskell Indian Nations University

Elsie Cree, Yakama Nation, Washington State University

Kelci Douglas, Swinomish Indian Community, Chapman University

Samantha Estrada, Yakama Nation, Washington State University

Emma Johnson, Cowlitz Tribe, Washington State University

Mackenzie Kutz, Cowlitz Tribe, Whitworth University

Sandra Langford, Cowlitz Tribe, University of Washington

Thomas Lawrence, Makah Tribe, University of Washington

Dallin Mansfield, Yakama Nation, Brigham Young University

Bobbi McGinnis, Cowlitz Tribe, Western Washington University

Bryson Miller, Colville Tribes, Washington State University or Gonzaga

Caroline Penny, Yakama Nation, Northwest Indian College

Samantha Rae, Quinault Indian Nation, Central Washington University

Stacey Torres, Quileute Tribe, Walden University

Cody Torstvet, Cowlitz Tribe,  Central Washington University

Walter Arnold, Makah Tribe, John Hopkins University

Xavier Webb, Cowlitz Tribe, University of Wyoming

Urijah Willis, Quinault Indian Nation, Central Washington University

Julia Wilson-Peltier, Turtle Mountain Chippewa, Western Washington University

Graduate Program Scholarship Winners 

Rochelle Blankenship, Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe, Kaplan University

Jason Finkbonner, Lummi Nation, Notre Dame Law School

Juanita Holtyn, Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe, Fielding University

Jacqueline Johnson, Makah Tribe, University of Washington

Chantal McFetridge, Samish Indian Nation, University of Ottawa Medicine

Katherine Saluskin, Yakama Nation, Heritage University

Lauren Smith, Skokomish Tribe, Western University of Health Sciences

Elese Washines, Yakama, Oregon State University

Michelle Wilson, Cowlitz, Toura University





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